Including But Not Limited To: animations for web sites, animated banners, animation for CDs and DVDs, and animation for TV & film, including holiday e-cards, animated advertising, film title credits, and animated commercials (must involve significant graphic design). All entries must be in English. Excludes live-action commercials or films.

1) Upload or provide a URL for your video.
Upload your video(s) directly to our site using the submission system. Please upload ONLY .mov or .mp4 videos, which must be 1280 x 720px. You can showcase your project with up to two videos. If your video is over 500 MB, please provide a URL and do not upload.

2) Upload up to four screen shots.
These are for use in the on-screen presentation at the show and in the winners’ book. Choose screens that best represent your design. Save as JPG, RGB, 1280 x 720px @72 dpi. Please compress multiple files into a single .zip file.

Project Team Credits
If applicable
Art Director
Special Consultant

Production Credits
If applicable
Additional vendor
Paper used

Digital Portfolio Images
Upload up to 4 images
JPG, RGB, 1500 x 1160 at 72 dpi
Photos or digital compilations are acceptable
Provide screen shots for web and motion entries
Horizontal or vertical